Conferencia Internacional de Paz.Donostia
  • The International Contact Group was born in 12th of November of 2010 as a result of a consultation process conducted by Brian Currin with different political and social actors in the Basque Country and Spain. Through the consultation process, it was discussed the mandate that such group should have and it was presented at a press conference. The main goal of the Group was announced, which would be to expedite, facilitate and enable the achievement of political normalization in the Basque Country, noting that the group would begin its work only when ETA declared a permanent and verifiable ceasefire.

Press release. About Otegi’s disqualification

In our assessment Arnaldo Otegi is a man of peace committed to finding a democratic resolution to the Basque conflict. The Basques, the people of Spain, the people of Europe and the entire international community welcomed ETA’s statement almost 5 years ago, ending its armed activities. In the place of violence, the vast majority of … Continue reading

The International Contact group welcomes the statement issued by EPPK

In response to the statement by EPPK the International Contact Group (Basque Country)  wants, firstly, to show our satisfaction for the fact that EPPK has concluded the debate on its contribution to the peace process and for doing so in positive and constructive terms for the consolidation of the new scenario open in the Basque … Continue reading

The last armed conflict in western Europe: the final steps to peace

(English translation of the article originally published in Le Temps) The last armed conflict in continental Europe ended exactly two years ago. But the fight for peace remains as long as the ETA is not ready to disarm and dissolve and the Madric government does not review its penitentiary policy. Pierre Hazan is a member of the International … Continue reading

Ce qui manque encore pour sceller la paix au Pays basque

Op-ed written by ICG member Pierre Hazan in Le Temps. Source     L’ultime conflit armé d’Europe occidentale a pris fin il y a exactement deux ans. Mais il reste à bâtir la paix: l’ETA, qui ne s’est pas dissous, campe sur un certain nombre de positions, tout comme le gouvernement central. Le processus de réconciliation … Continue reading

Interview with Brian Currin

This interview was published on April 7 in the newspaper Deia. The online version in Spanish is available at these links: Part I and Part II. You have been disappeared in the last months, at least in the Basque Country. Have you stepped back now that ETA has announced the end of violence and Sortu is legal? The legalization … Continue reading